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Our Charleston Jersey Brie is a french style cheese made from Jersey cow milk, sourced from the Adelaide Hills.

We make our Brie Style cheeses completely by hand, cutting the delicate curds into large cubes before working them down to smaller pieces by gentle stirring. Once ready we hand ladle into warm hoops.

The cheese is turned every second day until the cheese makers are happy with the bloomy white mould rind cover. At this point we introduce a coating of ash, this gives the cheese an extra savoury note and looks spectacular.

As the protiolitic activity (ripening process) occurs the cheese will begin to breakdown as all good Brie should. It will intensify as the cheese ages. Eat young if you want a milder cheese otherwise let it get funky and experience a truly fabulous representation of a traditional Brie.

The unique flavour and development of the Brie is influenced by the co-existence of different moulds on its surface. These moulds ripen the cheese from the outside to the centre over a period of about six weeks from the make date.

When the cheese is ripe it is soft and creamy in texture and develops rich complex “farm yard” and mushroom characters. 

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Brand: Woodside Cheese Wrights
Origin: Local Farms in South Australia, Australia
Milk Source: Cow
Rennet: Non-Animal

Serving Guide

Storing Suggestions:
Once opened, wrap in the cheese wrapper it came in and keep refrigerated in the most humid part of your fridge (Veg crisper or butter compartment). For full flavour and texture development, allow the cheese to come to room temperature (30 minutes outside the fridge in a room temp environment). You can determine the ripeness of the cheese by looking for softness all the way across its surface.
Use within one week of opening.

For full flavour and texture development, allow the cheese to come to room temperature. You can determine the ripeness of the cheese by looking for softness all the way across its surface.
Serving Suggestions:
Brie is ideally suited to the cheese plate with fresh bread and seasonal fruit. For those with a sweet tooth, brie is complemented well with ethically sourced honeycomb.

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Product information


The quality of your cheese is of the utmost importance to us. As a result we are only shipping to Adelaide Metro for the time being, until we can guarantee the quality of the cheese will not be compromised.

Orders for undeliverable postcodes will be refunded.

Check our interstate stockists for other locations to purchase our cheese!


What payment methods can I use?

We offer payments through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Do you deliver to my postcode?

Woodside Cheese Wrights uses refrigerated local transport for all deliveries in Adelaide Metro and Defined Postcodes.

When can I expect my delivery?

We only dispatch Monday – Wednesday for Adelaide Deliveries. This is to avoid time in transit and exposure to high temperatures. For this same reason we reserve the right to hold your order in our temperature controlled facility if we have concerns about the weather causing damage to your order. We will notify you if we hold your order for these reasons.

Do you offer refunds?

It is super important to us that you receive your cheese in the best condition. Woodside Cheese Wrights takes pride in the quality of all the products we make.

In order to get the best out of your beautiful cheese hamper make sure you open it as soon as it arrives, check all the products and refrigerate all cheese on arrival.

If there are any issues please promptly email us at info@krislloyd.com.au with a description of the issue, invoice number and picture of your order we will get back to you ASAP. Once we assess your request, we will come back to you with a solution, which will either be a replacement order or refund. We do not refund shipping costs.

Should the box arrive damaged please inform us immediately and please email photos to illustrate this. Refund for damage or deterioration after delivery cannot be accepted unless we are informed upon receipt of the cheese hamper.